Gateway Bridge


Project description

To increase road capacity in the state of Queensland in Australia, the iconic Brisbane Gateway Bridge is being expanded by building a near duplicate alongside. The New Gateway Bridge duplicates the original, matching its pier locations, approach structures and the main span of 260m. It has the largest cross section concrete box girder in the world. The two bridges have to provide a substantial vertical clearance of some 57m. Although the new bridge will add six lanes to the crossing, which is currently a dual three lane highway, it will be 28m wide rather than the 25m of the original. The extra space will accommodate a combined pedestrian and bicycle path with viewing platforms.

Delivered products

The bridges are equipped with seven TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints: 2xLR8 (640mm movement), 1xLR6 (480mm movement) and 2xLR4 (320mm movement) with length of 27.5m each on the New Gateway Bridge, and 1xLR8 (640mm movement) and 1xLR6 (480mm movement) with length of 22m each on the existing Gateway Bridge. All expansion joints are designed and produced to meet the utmost demanding requirements by the project specifications and Australian standards. Requirements on quality control are very strict and comprehensive. To verify the ability of the Modular Expansion Joints to withstand extraordinary fatigue loading, OMV and SPO Tests (as defined in the NCRHP Report 467) were conducted by mageba.

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TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints


Movement between 320 and 640 mm






Box girder bridge


260 m