Shock Transmission Units – RESTON-STU


mageba RESTON-STU Shock Transmission Units are used to rigidly connect parts of a structure together under the action of sudden high dynamic loading (e.g. from an earthquake or from the braking of a train or a heavy road vehicle). However, they permit free movement due to slow-acting influences such as temperature changes or shrinkage and creep.


RESTON-STU Shock Transmission Units can be used in the construction of new structures, or to enhance an existing structure’s strength and resistance to seismic forces. On bridges, they are installed in the vicinity of bearings and expansion joints.

Image gallery

  • RESTON-STU-img1

    RESTON-STU devices acting in combination with high damping rubber bearings

  • RESTON-STU-img3

    RESTON-STU device prior to installation

  • RESTON-STU-img6

    Installed RESTON-STU

  • RESTON-STU-img5

    STU installed on a bridge

  • RESTON-STU-img4

    Large STU device protecting a bridge structure