Railway expansion joints – TENSA-RAIL RSU


mageba TENSA-RAIL RSU single-gap expansion joints allow for movements up to 350 mm and more. They are made of steel edge profiles and an elastomeric sealing fixed between the profiles. For larger movements they are fitted with a drainage channel made from EPDM. The joint‘s gap is protected by a cover plate from the ingress of dirt or ballast.


TENSA-RAIL RSU expansion joints are suitable for the use in railway bridges with and without ballast. The ballast either lies directly on the joint or, ideally, on an insulation mat introduced between the ballast and the bridge slab.

    Image gallery

    • TENSA-RAIL-RSU-img1

      TENSA-RAIL Type RSU joint, ready for installation

    • TENSA-RAIL-RSU-img2

      Installed joint

    • TENSA-RAIL-RSU-img3

      Edge detail