Expansion joint for building application – POLYFLEX-SLIM-PU


The POLYFLEX-SLIM PU plug expansion joint achieves a completely new standard in terms of quality and working life for applications in buildings. Thanks to the new Polyurethane (PU) flexible material, that has been developed in cooperation with renowned companies of the chemical industry, as well as our special joint design, we have successfully develped a reliable plug expansion joint for the specific requirements of buildings.


POLYFLEX-SLIM PU represents a reliable alternative when it comes to the requirment of flexible and watertight passages. An optimal water tightness is already guaranteed at a material thickness of 40 mm only. Particularly characterising is its slim design. The joint hence does not require any cover plate.

Image gallery

  • Produktaufbau-Polyflex-Hochbau

    POLYFLEX-SLIM PU product design

  • Polyflex-Slim-Dicke

    The material thickness of max. 40 mm is a characteristic design feature

  • Polyflex-Slim-T-Stoss

    Application example for intersections

  • Polyflex-Slim-Hochzug

    Application example for vertical joints